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Read here - Crackles your nail polish and peels off | FAQ Nail polish

Here are the most common reasons why your nail polish crackles and peels off.


  • When you do not leave the nail polish dry before laying the next layer of nail polish or top coat, the nail polish can crack or peel off. It is important that each layer dryes before adding new layers of nail polish.
  • When you do not use the base coat and top coat with your nail polish, it can cause cracking and peeling of the nail polish, as the base and top coat contribute to a long lasting result.
  • According to Gina Viviano a well-known manicure and pedicure expert interviewed by Woman's Health, a full manicure or pedicure consisting of base coat, two layers of nail polish, and a layer of top coat are not completely dry until after approx. 6 hours, and depending on what you are doing during this time, is crucial to the durability of your nail polish.
  • Stay far away from water for approx. 6 hours, as water can cause your nail polish to crack or peel off. So no shower, washing, bath or other things with water for 6 hours.
  • The best way you can make a durable manicure or pedicure is to paint nails in the evening instead of during the day, as the nail polish gets time to harden properly during the night and it is easy in the evening to avoid water on your new varnished nails.