Ardell Flare Lashes · Individual

Ardell Flare™ Duralash Naturals Knot Free for eyelash extensions are easy to apply, because they are very natural and without knots, they blend the hair naturally with your own lashes. Ardell's eyelashes bends nicely and give you a much more rich result so you can get the finest eyes in a short time.They are so comfortable to wear that you completely forget that it's not your own natural lashes. Eyelash extensions with Ardell Flare lashes are quick and easy to do, and the glue that fits the flares are Ardell's LashTite and B4Beauty glue. Flares are made by both professional and private. The Ardell Flare Lashes are in common thickness and double thickness, so you can use the lashes that fit your eyes.


Ardell Flare Lashes™ Eyelash Extension in World Class | B4BEAUTY