Wax Roll On Wax

Waxing Cartridges are designed to be used on the entire body, and the wax cartridges are also available with a smaller roller so you can remove hair on your upper lip, bikini line and intimate. The wax cartridges are effective when they are rolled onto the skin, so the wax is rolled on in the perfect amount, so you do not use more wax than necessary.


Wax cartridges are the favorite for hair removal with wax, and we introduced wax cartridges for home use in 1999, whose wax cartridges were crowned by Eurowoman as one of 90's top 100 best products in Denmark. The wax cartridges are heated in a wax heater with a thermostat that ensures that the maximum wax reaches 38 degrees, and therefore, as with can of wax, you do not need to test the temperature before using the wax so it is faster with wax cartridges. We have 35 years of experience with wax and can therefore always guide you if you are in doubt.

Wax cartridges - For the whole body and intimate!