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Another Bottle 14 ml · 71723 · EzFlow Nail Polish

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USD 7,11
Model/Product no.: 71723

Another Bottle is a stunningly beautiful Mocha colored nail polish, full of microliters in red, green, pink and gold, which does not appear in the shadow or in the evening, but which gives this beautiful dark brown mocha colored nail polish a beautiful unique touch of glamour when the sun's rays or the light of the evening falls on this dark brown nail polish.



  • Beautiful shine.
  • Unmatched binding ability.
  • Used without UV or LED lamp.
  • No aggressive removal method.
  • Reduces bleaching of the colors.
  • Gives extra strength on the nails.
  • Doubles the durability of your nail polish.


How to Use:

  • Push down the curticles.
  • Easily remove the top fat layer on the nails with a white buffer.
  • Lay a layer of Base Coat.
  • Apply two layers of nail polish.
  • Finish with top coat.
  • For extra strength on the nails you can put more layers of top coat.