Wax System

We have starter packages for beginners with instructions so you can get started and remove hair with wax. We have waxes removed with stripes and hard wax where you rub the actual wax off.  We have sugar wax used with stripes and sugar paste that you can use again and again. We have starter packages for all hair and skin types. Professional Hair Removal - Everything for hair removal can be found here. Common Wax, Intimate wax and hair removal cream. Everything for hair removal.


Most people choose the roll on system where the wax is warmed up and rolled over the hair to be removed, so the hair can be removed with a strip. Brazilian Hard Wax is the most popular for the bikini line and intimate wax, and we have the famous GiGi Brazilian Wax, which is intended for intimate wax. We have both cold and warm wax. We offer sugar wax in three varieties. A wax cartridge with sugar wax, and sugar wax in a can where the hair is removed with stripes, and a sugar paste that can be recycled. We also have hair removal cream and hair removal soap when using scrapers, as well as all accessories associated with hair removal. B4Beauty has a very wide range of wax accessories, so you can choose whether the skin needs the best of moisturizing oil, cooling gel, or if after treatment oil should soothe your skin. We also have gloves, waxes and many other hair removal accessories.

Effective hair removal with roll on wax, wax cartridges, wax cans, sugar wax and Brazilian Intimate wax !