B4Beauty´s varelager er brændt og derfor lukket. Vi åbner hurtigst muligt igen.
B4Beautys varulager har brunnit och är stängt. Vi kommer att öppna igen asap.
B4beauty's warehouse has burned and are closed. We will open again asap.


Order and cancellation of goods.

It is possible to order online at www.b4beauty.eu. For payment by credit card or other prepayment, the order is processed when payment is registered with B4Beauty.

All orders at B4Beauty on weekdays before kl.14.30 will be sent the same day. Therefore, all cancellations should be made as soon as possible to prevent the goods being transported. You can still cancel if you call before 13:00 on phone +45 33312010. For unpatched packages, the shipment will be charged, as shipment of unpatched package will be billed us back and forth.

Cancellation of orders can also be done by sending an email to info@b4beauty.dk. It helps to process a cancellation if you give us your order number.
Order number is provided by the e-mail you receive immediately after your order.


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B4Beauty k/s