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Cuticle Pusher

Pedicure nail band tool we have for professionals and for you there home in stainless steel with two different ends in each nail bell, so that in a nail bell you have two functions to nurture your toenails. Our stainless steel tools have two ends with each a function. You can choose two round spoons so that you can remove curticles on small and large nails or a nail pusher cleaner with a spoon to push the curticles down with, and a knife to clean the nail plate in horizontal strokes so that all the dead layers (curticles) are removed from the nail plate, or a spoon and a tip to cleanse under the nails. These nail tools are professional pedicure tools, and they are effective but also sharp, so use cutticle tools with caution until you have tried to work with them.

Order before pm. 14.30 on weekdays ➵ To reach off the same day! 

Professional nail tools for pedicures !