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Pedi · Remover / Dryer

Paint strippers pedicure & Laktørrer Paint strippers are important. We offer remover with and without acetone. It is important when choosing a paint stripper that it does not dry out nails or cuticles, so nails retain moisture. When using pure acetone dries Mon nails and cuticles. The nails become dry and cracks and splits. We offer remover both with and without acetone with the scent of rain or pineapple in both 29 ml and 100 ml. One should also avoid remover with acetone on artificial nails as it dissolves many of them. Laktørrer is a superior product that cures nail polish in minutes. Where you used to put several layers of nail polish, and had to sit still for an hour or more to not damage the paintwork and solve Laktørrer it now in a few minutes. Every woman using nail polish should have a laktørrer. Once you have had a laktørrer is not to miss.

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