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Pedi Top Coat

Pedicure Top Coat the way to a nice surface on your toenails, and we have absolutely all the options in top lacquer. We usually have top lacquer, gellack topcoat, UV-protective topcoat, yellow topcoat and a topcoat that makes the nails not yellow in sunlight. Choose your top coat for your feet here, where you can choose plain topcoat, which gives even gloss, gel polish or gel finish, which at the same time gives a little strength on the toenails and longer durability than regular nail polish. Protection against uv light resulting in yellow surface on toenails is available in a Never Yelllow top coat that protects against UV light so that the nails do not yellow. If you add multiple layers of nail polish, you can use nail polish spray that dries nail polish in record time.

Order before pm. 14.30 on weekdays ➵ To reach off the same day! 

ALL IN TOP COAT - Protection against yellow nails!