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Back Waxing

Back Waxing is hair removal wax is specially designed for eliminating unwanted hair growth on the back and is primarily used by men who have far more powerful hair growth than women. Back waxing offers different powerful wax types that remove coarse unwanted hair on your back so you quickly find wax for your back. You can choose hair removal wax in both the roll on wax method and the hot wax method, where hair removal wax is removed with wax strips stripless with the wax type called Brazilian wax, hard wax and pearlwax. Men often have longer hair than women, and therefore they curl which makes it difficult to see how the hair grows, which is a prerequisite for the success of back waxing, as you will otherwise get a lot of ingrown hair if the hair is not removed in the right direction against the hair direction of growth. So before you get back waxing it's a good idea to trim your hair first, so the hairs are around 4-5 mm. in length.

Order before pm. 14.30 on weekdays, to reach off the same day!

Back waxing is difficult for a beginner as the hair grows in different directions and it is very important that the hairs are pulled out correctly against the direction of the hair's growth and not skewed as it will break the hairs under the skin and the hairs will grow into small bumps under your skin. You can not do back waxing yourself, and it's not the easiest for a beginner, so if you have not tried it before, then it's a good idea to buy a waxing kit with a detailed user guide and with and a DVD where you can see how to do it in order to succeed in removing unwanted hair growth with back waxing.