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Sugaring wax is a warm wax for hair removal at home, which is extremely gentle to the skin, and can therefore be used in the same area of ​​the body up to three times. Sugaring wax started already in the 1800s, where women stood home and mixed sugar and lemon in a pot and made warm wax, used to remove unwanted hair growth, and this kind of sugar wax is still made by many to remove hair with sugaring at home, and since you use the same warm wax many times, this wax method is extremely economical in use. In modern form, it can now be purchased ready-made, so it's easy and fast eliminates unwanted hair growth, and there is also sugar wax on the market that has exactly the same ingredients but is used with wax strips and the benefit of these sugaring hair removal waxes are that the hairs are pulled out with the growth direction of the hair, which is less uncomfortable than if you do it the other way around as with any other hair removal wax types. Sugaring is a very popular hair removal wax that has been away from the beauty clinics for decades in Europe but has now come back to full strength as sugaring is very popular both for sugaring at home and at beauty clinics. The result gives silky soft skin for up to 4 weeks

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Sugaring is the most wanted wax in the world - Try it.