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Upper Lipp Waxing

Upper Lipp Waxing – is used to remove unwanted hair growth on the upper lip, where with age we get coarser and darker hair that can be removed with upper lipp waxing. Upper Lipp Waxing can be made with 5 different wax types; with Brazilian wax where you apply the hot wax on the skin and pull the wax off directly from the skin, or use sugar wax, hot wax or wax cartridges with the roll on method where you remove wax with wax strips. Last but not least, you can make upper lipp waxing by using cold wax strips which you warm in your hands, put on your hair and pull out your hairs with. Immediately, upper lipp waxing seams very easy as it is only a small piece of skin to remove unwanted hairs on but the hair grows in different directions and it is very important that you put on the wax in the correct direction and pull the hairs out in the right direction, because if the hair is pulled out incorrectly, hair may appear as ingrown hair, so read the user guide carefully for the wax type you want to use. The 4 upper lipp waxing types with hot wax are the most effective as cold wax does not bind as much to the hair growth, but if you never tried upper lipp waxing before, then it's a cheap way to try it before you invest in a professional upper lipp waxing kit.

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