Acrylic Powder

We offer you acrylic powder for your artificial nails that are world-class from the EzFlow Acrylic System, which has won six world championships in acrylic nails. Acrylic powder is used for the construction of artificial acrylic nails, and can be used both for the brush method and the acrylic drip system. The acrylic powder is easy to work with, and can easily be removed with acrylic solvents or acetone. EzFlow has developed acrylic with the latest new technology, providing better flexibility while maintaining application control and perfect adhesion. Acrylic powder made of acrylate copolymers as well as MMA and EMA, poured into a large centrifuge, the molecules that bind to each other, and form perfect acrylic powder.



The quality of acrylic powder depends on acrylate copolymer and EMA and MMA purity, which can vary depending on the price the manufacturer is willing to pay and the amount of benzoyl peroxide added acrylic powder, which helps to control how fast acrylic powder cures.

Buy EzFlow's 6-world acrylic powder behind it !