Eyelash Glue

We have everything in eyelash glue, so you can find the right eyelash glue for your eyelash extensions. We have the world-famous DUO glue, which is voted year after year as the make-up artist's choice number 1. Ardell's series of glue in many sizes for both common strip lashes and for eyelash extensions. B4Beauty's eyelash glue for artificial eyelashes has the longest durability for single lashes and Ardell individual flare lashes, but we also have latex free eyelash glue both in DUO and Ardell with and without a brush. Depending on which eyelash glue you work with, we have a similar glue remover so that you take off your artificial eyelashes without damaging your natural eyelashes. When choosing an eyelash glue it is important that you decide whether it is for single lashes and individual flare lashes, or whether it's for strip lashes. Glue remover can be found for all eyelash extension glue, so you can use the glue remover both to remove the eyelash extensions, but also to clean lashes from the glue residue. We have eyelash extensions glue and glue remover for all kinds of artificial eyelashes.


Eyelash glue and solvents - Find solvents and glue for eyelash extensions here !