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Gel Lamp

We have15 different gel lamps, which cure gel nails both in Uv and LED. The difference between LED and UV lamps is that the LED light cures the gel nails on half time compared with a UV lamp. As a professional nail technician it is important that there are lamps in the lamp both on the top and on the sides, so the customer can sit and talk without turning and bending on his fingers. When you sit yourself and make your gel nails waiting for them to cure, you can make sure the light hits the nails while a nail professional that makes the nails has to do the nails again if they are not cured properly. For a professional, it is important that the light comes on when the hand enters the lamp and the lamp turns off when the gel is cured.

Order before pm. 14.30 on weekdays, to reach off the same day!

For a professional nail technician, it is also important that the lamp can be set for different number of seconds the lamp is lit, as it is also important that time is not waisted, and when Led cures on half-time, professional nail technicians no longer use UV lamps.


Wide range of professional gel lamps !