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The Pedicure products are for those who want to have well-groomed feet where you start your pedicure with either a nice foot bath or a foot mask, and then remove the hard skin on the feet with a fine or coarse foot file. If you have very hard skin on your feet, then you can use our Callus Off, which dissolves the hard skin on the feet so that it is easy to and file off with a fine foot file. Then you can continue your pedicure with a rosen stick that you can use to clean under your toe nails, and to push your cuticle down with, and you can also use the more professional steel products. You can adjust the length of your toe nails with one of our files or with a nail scissors first. In conclusion, it is a good idea to file the surface of your toenails with a fine buffer before applying nail polish. IBD's Advanced Wear Top Coat can be laid in two layers, so you get the nail polish on your feet, and your pedicure to lasts for weeks.

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Pedicure - Everything you need for good pedicure products !