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Eyebrow Waxing

Eyebrow Waxing - is used to remove unwanted, wild and untamed hair growth around the eyebrows, which are easily removed with eyebrow waxing to make beautiful well-defined eyebrows. With age, the skin drops with the eyebrows, and by removing the lower hair with eyebrow waxing, you get a younger, more alert and well-rested eye area. There are many eyebrow waxing types, but by using a wax type that has to be taken off the skin with wax strips, you risk rubbing the wax strip when it has to bind to the hairs and remove some of the hairs you want to keep, so this wax method is not suitable for eyebrow waxing. The perfect eyebrow waxing is Brazilian wax also called pearlwax, and hard wax where you can apply eyebrow wax with a small edged wooden spartula so your application of wax is perfect. When the wax has cooled down, you pull off the wax. By doing so, you are 100% sure that only the hair you want to remove comes off with your eyebrow waxing. If you have very coarse hair growth on the eyebrows, it may be uncomfortable to pull out your hair and it will reduce your discomfort to use GiGi's Numbing Spray containing lidocaine as a local anesthetic so that you can still make eyebrow waxing without the great discomfort and enjoy beautiful defined eyebrows for weeks at a time.

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