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Wax Pre Treatment

Before wax treatment, it is important that the skin is dry and free of cream residues so that the wax binds to the hair and can be removed. In treatment products that ensure that skin is optimal for hair removal with wax, we have Pre Hon and Pre Epilation Oil from GiGi and Pre Base from Depilflax. If you have sensitive skin, it is very good with a pretreatment product, as the products lay like a skin on the skin, so the wax does not get direct skin contact and just binds to the hair. The many pretreatment products make it possible to num the skin before waxing with anesthetic anesthetic spray that decencises skin with 4% lidocaine, so hair removal with wax is less painful. We can also recommend women and follow their bicycle before wax treatment, so hair removal with wax is done after menstruation where women's hormone balance and pain limit are highest. Before treatment, we also have No Bump, which prevents inhaled hair when removing hair with wax or shaving.

Order before pm. 14.30 on weekdays, to reach off the same day!

We also have GiGi powder that are used for intimate wax and waxing under the arms, as these areas are often moist, which encures the wax's is firmly attached to the hairs, so powders for intimate wax are really good.

Before You Wax - Protect yourself from pain and protect skin from wax!