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Nail Polish EzFlow

EzFlow Nail Polish Series TruLAQ, is a new durable nail polish series TruLAQ that lasts extra long on your nails as a gel nail polish, and matches the EzFlow gel polish series so you easy and quiackly can fill up your gel polish when you need to get out of the door in a hurry, or use a maching color for pedicure, as all the colors are fast-drying nail polish. With the EzFlow TruLAQ Series you will find a nail polish that lasts. EzFlow's new 3-step nail polish system contains a calcium and vitamin E enriched base coat that strengthens the natural nails, for a better attachment of the nail polish, while protecting the nails from discoloration. EzFlow TruLAQ is richly pigmented nail polish with many beautiful colors with and without glitter in, and several different combination colors for nice French manicure and pedicure, and the nail polish gives a much better durability than regular nail polish and is produced as a new series that does not have an aggressive removal method, but easily removable.TruLAQ Top Coat nail polish for a finish gives your color high gloss.