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Acrylic Liquid Monomer

We have an innovative designed acrylic liquid for you with EzFlow color stabilizers that prevent discoloration and yellowing of your acrylic nails, and the stabilizers also soften the acrylic, which acts as a shock absorber so that the acrylic does not crack and chip by bumps. At the same time, this acrylic liquid enhances your acrylic nails in a thin layer, so you get strong and durable acrylic nails when using EzFlow's acrylic liquid. EzFlow won 6 world championships in acrylic nails with EzFlow acrylic liquid, which you can now use to build your acrylic nails with. At the same time, you can choose B4Beauty acrylic liquid that allows you to choose between a fast and slow cure process, so you have longer or shorter working time with acrylic powder before it cures. Acrylic liquid can be used with ordinary acrylic powder and acrylic colors when you want to make acrylic nails, so you also have the option of making nail art. So you have the option to choose acrylic liquid for both novices and professionals in this large selection.

Order before pm. 14.30 on weekdays, to reach off the same day!

The art of building acrylic nails with the ball method lies in getting the right amount of liquid monomer on the acrylic brush so the acrylic is not too wet or dry when placed on your natural nail.

Liquid Monomer - Acrylic Liquid For Your Acrylic Nails !