Acrylic Liquid Monomer

EzFlow™ world-famous liquid monomer is used by the famous nail technician Tom Holcomb when he won the World Cup in acrylic nails all six times. At B4Beauty you will find both liquid monomer for home use when building acrylic nails, but also professional. B4Beauty guarantees you the best products on the market to create world-class long-term acrylic nails. Liquid Monomer is an acrylic fluid used to build acrylic nails. In the acrylic brush method, using liquid monomer to dip acrylic brushes in, then dip the acrylic brush into the acrylic powder  when you want to build your artificial acrylic nails, so you get an acrylic ball to put on the nail plate. Are you a beginner in the acrylic brush method, we recommend starting with a slow drying liquid monomer, giving you more time to put your acrylic ball down on the nail.


The art of building acrylic nails with the ball method lies in getting the right amount of liquid monomer on the acrylic brush so the acrylic is not too wet or dry when placed on your natural nail.

Liquid Monomer - Acrylic Liquid For Your Acrylic Nails !