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Acrylic Liquid Kit

Here you will find acrylic kits for the brush method, where you can build artificial acrylic nails. It's easy to get started because the starter packages contain everything you need to make your own artificial acrylic nails and you get a user's guide. We offer both B4Beauty acrylic kit for artificial nails and acrylic starter packages in the famous EzFlow brand, which has 6 World Cup in acrylic nails. The advantage of the acrylic brush method is that it's a quick method when you first master the acrylic, and the acrylic can easily be removed with acrylic solvent. The acrylic brush method is perfect for those who love to build creativity and work with nails in the world's best acrylic paints and glitter colors.


The acrylic system with the brush method is the ultimate way to build artificial acrylic nails. We deliver from day to day so you can get started quickly.

EzFlow Acrylic Kit World-Class - Artificial Nails !