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Brazilian Wax

GiGi Brazilian wax is the world's best selling wax for intimate hair removal at beauty clinics and for wax hair removal at home. Brazilian wax is also called pearlwax and hard wax, and common for these hair removal waxes is that they are heated in a wax heater and melts to liquid warm wax, which is used without epilation strips, so you pull off the wax itself. That makes Brazilian wax indispensable at beauty clinics and at home as this wax type satisfies the requirement for thorough hair removal both on regular and sensitive skin and removes even the most stubborn and powerful hair. For example, Brazilian wax is used for nasal wax and a more sensitive area than the thin fine skin we have in the nose does not exist and the men's nose hair is the most powerful hair types available, making Brazilian wax unique to all other waxes. Brazilian wax is used to describe hair removal with intimate wax covering hair removal on the bikini lines and genitals. GiGi Brazilian wax has been voted the world's best wax in the United States for decades of cosmetologists, where it is the best-selling wax product. GiGi wax is no longer reserved for cosmetologists only, so you can buy professional wax for home use.

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World-famous Brazilian Wax for Intimate Hair Removal !