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Nail Polish

Here you have a huge selection of nail polish and gel nail polish from the world renowned professional nail brands Ibd and EzFlow, so you can find the perfect nail polish for French manicure in many different shades of white and pink, and you can also choose to buy a manicure set with user guide, or choose from the 350 colors where you can find both white and black nail polish and a lot of shimmer nail polish colors for your nails, which gives you unmatched coverage and adhesion to the nail plate as well as an amazing sheen when using top coat. We give you the opportunity to get optimal conditions for beautiful nails always, and if you have frayed or brittle nails that cause you problems, we have created a FAQ where you can read all about how to apply the perfect nail polish, so you improve durability and reduce the risk of frayed and brittle nails, and since we at B4Beauty are nail experts with 25 years of experience in leading brands in artificial nails and natural nails, we will always be able to help you achieve the best results with your nail polish.