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Acrylic Nails

Denmark's largest selection for all acrylic nails - here you will find acrylic powder for your acrylic nails in more than 30 different types that you can build your nails with as well as 160 different acrylic colors for your acrylic nails so you can make your artificial nails or nail reinforcement with and without glitter with acrylic powder. You can get all acrylic nails accessories, where we have a huge variety of the world's most famous acrylic system from EzFlow ™, which has won all world championships in acrylic nails and we all have their acrylic powder. In addition to the usual acrylic colors, you have more than 160 acrylic colors in both matte, neon and acrylic colors with glitterfor nailart to choose from. You can build your artificial nails with the brush method, or acrylic dip in also called nail acrylic powder system that is easy to get started with when you want to make your artificial nails in acrylic both with and without nail tips as nail reinforcement as well. The difference between the two acrylic nails types for artificial nails is that dip in the hardens from the outside and in and the brush method, also called the acrylic ball method or brush method, hardens from the inside and out. There are 10 different nail forms you can choose from as well as nail tips, acrylic nail powder, nail glue, and even a nail file with sandpaper from Korea and Japan.

If you are looking for beautiful long artificial nails, you have come to the right place. Acrylic powder is made of acrylate copolymers as well as EMA and MMA, which are poured into a large centrifuge that binds the molecules to each other and forms the perfect acrylic powder. The quality of acrylic powder depends on the acrylics copolymers as well as the EMA and MMA purity, which may vary depending on the price the manufacturer is willing to pay, as well as the amount of benzoyl peroxide added to the acrylic which helps control how fast acrylic powder cures up. With EzFlow ™ world-renowned acrylic powder, there's a huge selection of acrylic colors, and all nail art to decorate your acrylic nails, so let go of the creativity and make your artificial nails in world-class nail art acrylic nails.


Acrylic Nails - EzFlow Acrylic Nails is the world's Nr. 1 - Try it !