Acrylic Nails

B4Beauty has the world's best-known acrylic system from EzFlow, which has won 6 world championships in acrylic nails. We offer acrylic nails with brush method, and acrylic dip in or acrylic dip on system for building artificial nails both with and without nail tips. The difference between the two acrylic nails systems are that dip on hardens from the outside and in and brush method, also called the acrylic pensil method or brush method, hardens from the inside out. With EzFlow, you get the world's best acrylic powder in 30 different types, and in 160 different acrylic colors with and without glitter. We supply acrylic nails accessories where you will find everything. We have 10 different acrylic nail templates you can choose between as well as acrylic removal, acrylic dissolver, glue, and the world's best files made of korean and japanese sandpaper, giving you the best quality file in the world for nails.


We supply acrylic nail accessories for all, and acrylic starter packages for beginners and professional nail technicians in the highest quality. Do you want beautiful, long and even nails, then you have come to the right place.


Acrylic Nails - EzFlow Acrylic for Nails is the world's best - Try it !