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Single Lashes

Single eyelash extensions lashes stand out with a stunning deep black color and a glossy exterior, and these single lashes for artificial eyelashes are high quality and in 100% natural hair so your eyelash extensions become as natural as possible. C-curve single lashes curl as if they have been curled with an eyelash curler, and therefore they curl the most so that your eyelash extensions gives you great looking and beautiful eyes. B-Curve single lashes have a nice classic and natural curve that most resembles our natural eyelashes, where J-Curve single lashes curl at the end of each hair so they can be used for heavy eyelids without your eyelash extensions adversely affecting the eyelid. All these eyelash extensions can be purchased in thicknesses from 0.15 mm. to 0.30 mm., so you can find just the thickness of single lashes you wish for your artificial eyelashes. The length of single lashes is from 7 mm. - 16 mm., so you can get the same length of eyelashes you dream about, and all eyelash extension lashes are 100% natural hair.

Single Lashes For Eyelash Extensions - All The Lashes Are 100% Natural Hair

Order before pm. 14.30 on weekdays, to reach off the same day!