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Nail Flitter

With these beautiful nail flitters you can get your fingernails and shimmer. Nail art Flitters offered in many glittering colors, so in other words, there are nail flitters for every occasion. All nail flitters colors you can click and get a user guide to whether it should be used on natural nails, gel nails, acrylic nails, silk, fiberglass nails or natural nails. There are manuals for all nail systems under each product. Flitters can both integrate into artificial nails, or use as decoration in the barn of the nail plate. Do you want a long lasting result you can build nail art flitters into gel or acrylic and want to change glitter colors often, use flitters on the surface of the nails with a top coat.

Nail flitters will allow you to put your personal stamp on your nails, so you get a unique design and flitters can be used both for decoration of French nails, natural nails or as a super nice decoration on your toes in the summer. With your very own sparkling decorations!

With nail flitters you can make the big difference between nice or not!