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Tips Natural

We offer nature tips for the construction of your artificial nails in the highest quality at a reasonable price. B4beauty's nature tips is available in 4 variants so you have the opportunity to find the nature tips that suits your taste best. The transition from nature tips to your nature nail files has to be files away, and with square, cut out and c-curve nature tips it's extremely important not to on the natural nail surface but only on the plastic from the tip. The traditional square nature tips are the most used natural nail tips and we have naturel tips in cut out which means they are cut in advance. C - Curve natural tipper has a 360 degree C curve, which means there is no transition down on the nature nail so no file work has to be done. The C Curve tip is made as a French nail tip, where you only make the surface of the tip rough as opposed to the other nature tips which has a transition of plastic down on the nature nail which has to be removed. Stilettto nature tips are to be applied as a C Curve tip.

Order before pm. 14.30 on weekdays, to reach off the same day!

All B4beauty's natural tips are made from computer calculations, and made in mold with pure ABS plastic A copolymer, giving the tips the right flexibility as opposed to tips made from recycled ABS plastic. ABS plastic tips is are best kept in the dark as sunlight destroys the flexibility and color of the tips.

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