Gel Polish IBD

IBD Gel Polish offers 200 beautiful gel polish colors, so you get beautiful and durable gel polish nails on both natural nails,gel and acrylic nails. Use IBD gel polish colors on top of gel nails or acrylic nails, and be rewarded with a polish that lasts until you take it off. This polish dries quickly under either LED or UV light. IBD was behind the development of gel to nails, as we know it today, when IBD introduced gel world wide. Their Gel Polish system has come on the market to compete with nail polish as gel polish provides a longer durability in a simple system consisting of a bond and a base, after which you put gel polish and end with a topcoat.

The advantage of IBD's gel polish is that they have made a nail polish series with 100 of the most popular colors gel polish. The nail polish series is called Advanced Wear, and the advantage is that if you do not have time to make gel polsih, you can quickly put nail polish on the hands and feet if you do not have the time to do gel polish.

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