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Wax Post

The many after treatment wax products allow you to remove wax remnants, give the skin moisture, soothes the skin, cools the skin and removes visible traces of wax treatment. Unfortunately, there is no finishing that moisturizes, cools, relieves pain and soothes the skin. So you need to find it after treatment your skin needs, depending on where you have removed hair, so you get the product to your skin you need. An effetive after treatment is GiGi's bikini soothing Cream, which is pain reliever and contains 2% lidocaine, which reduces the discomfort and irritation caused by hair removal with intimate wax or shaving, while also softening and moisturizing the skin with cocoa butter and avocado oil. GiGi No Bump Body Scrub can be used both before and after hair removal and prevents ingrown hair. You can also choose moisturizing oils with lovely scents and Wax Off that also removes sticky wax on the skin. After treatment, cleaning of wax heaters, which Sure Clean easily removes, is also cleaned.

Order before pm. 14.30 on weekdays, to reach off the same day!

All in skin care after wax treatments - Like cleaning of wax heater !