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Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair - occurs as a result of hair removal with wax, shave and electrolysis, which eliminates unwanted hair growth. Ingrown hair is a very big gene for many people, as ugly knots and bumps can appear on the skin, and it feels uncomfortable. You can reduce and treat ingrown hair in several ways. With wax it is important that the hairs are drawn out against the growth direction of the hair, and with sugar wax with the growth direction of the hair. If you pull the hairs out skewed in relation to the growth direction, the hairs break under the skin, which causes the hair to grow under the skin and turns into these ugly and unpleasant knots and bumps also called ingrown hair. The knots and pimples can be minimized, treated and removed to give you a beautiful healthy skin. GiGi has made a professional range of products to minimize and remove ingrown hair, which has been sold by professional cosmetologists for many decades to their customers with ingrown hair. These products can now be bought in the No Bump series (No ingrown hair). There is both a No Bump cream, a roll on gel as well as a body scrub, so you can get a nice healthy skin again.

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