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Acrylic Nail Glue

Large selection of brush on resin and tip glue for building your artificial nails, which can be purchased in different viscosities in both thick and thin texture. You can buy extra glue brushes for brush on glue in 7.5 ml. and 14 ml. Our brush on glue for acrylic nails is cyanoacrylate based and made of cyanobacteria, which is one of the strongest nail glue types in the world. Our tip glue is available in 14 ml. and used to apply nail tips, and we have glue extenders that are transparent that extend the tip glue, which gives you better control over the amount of glue on the tip. When you are finished using your tip adhesive glue on the nail tips, release the pressure on the bottle to suck the glue back into the bottle.


So you can easily let the glue stay stored with the tip extender until next time you use the glue, as oxygen does not penetrate the glue.

All in nail glue for artificial nails in acrylic - Large selection of nail resin !