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Transfer Folie

Transfer Foil for nail art allows you to do 10 perfect designer nails, even if you've never tried it before! Add a layer of top coat and wait for 30 minutes until it is dry. Or use Laktørrer Spray and wash hands when the paint is dry. Add a thin layer of glue and wait for 15 seconds with B4Beauty Brush On Glue. Cut a piece of foil to fit the neglen. Læg foil over the nail with pattern opad. Brug one Rhinstens Pickups or Rose Pin and transfer foil to the nail. Remember and get down the sides of the nail. Lift the foil and designed sit on the nail. Seal then designed.

Transfer Foil gives a unique result that you now have the opportunity to make at home! The film can also be "blotted" onto the nail in order to get a fat crackle effect. Each sheet contains: 1.5 meters.