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Eyelash Extension Kit

Eyelash Extension Kit - Makes it possible to those the eyelashes that are best for you and provide a secure attachment week after week. Our eyelash extension kit guarantees top quality eyelashes and we have kit's for both professionals and those who want to make extension themselves. You can customize your extension kit with the sigle lashes that you desire in the length and shape. You can also put together a kit with flare lashes, where you can choose the length of the lashes and the thickness. Flare is faster to put on than individual lashes, but single lashes gives a more natural look. The different curves on the lashes are called C, B & J. C is the curve is the curve that bends most, B curves a classic curve, and the J curve bends only at the end of the lash, and is therefore ideal for all heavy eyelids or eyelids that lie far down towards the lashes, so the lashes do not tough the skin all the time.

Eyelash Extension Kit - Get Beautiful Eyes

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