Gel Polish · Kit

Make your very own gel polish kit - Here you can compose your gel polish kit as you wish. You can choose from 400 different colors and 12 lamps. We hav bouth Ezflow's system and IBD's gel polish system. Both systems work together, so you can use the base and top coat from IBD and a polish color from Ezflow. Both systems can be used on gel nails or acrylic nails and can be dissolved with Ezflow's or IBD's own gel polish remover. In your gellak starter kit, you can choose from 12 different lamps, and under each lamp you can read whether it has a timer and turns on and off or if you need to stop manually.


The difference between UV lamps and LED lamps is that LED hardens the gel in half time compared to a UV lamp, so there is a lot of time saved by buying a Led lamp.


Gel Polish KIt  ➵ Choose from 400 different colors and 12 lamps | EzFlow