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Wax Beads

Wax Beads is wax hair removal which consists of small wax beads that you melt in a wax heater, so you can use it for wax hair removal on the whole body, and when you want to use hair removal wax for legs, you can use all pearl wax types, and when you want to use wax on sensitive areas for brazilian wax and intimate wax, you can use the azulen wax beads as it is the most effeciant wax, which makes wax beads perfect as wax hair removal for both for men and women, as you can use wax beads on the whole body. Pearl wax removes the most coarse and stubborn hair in the nose, and the finest feminine hairs, and depending on where you need wax hair removal, you can melt few wax pearls at a time, so you can use the wax type best suited for the area.

Order before pm. 14.30 on weekdays, to reach off the same day! 

So there is no wax wasted. Pearl wax is unique as it melts at low heat approx. 39 degrees, and should be applied to the skin at approx. 41 degrees, after which your hairremoval wax should cool and be peeled off the skin, or scraped off the skin with a wood stick without the use of traditional wax strips. The advantage of using pearl beads without strips is that pearl wax sticks to the hairs and not to the skin, making pearlwax eminent for sensitive skin. Wax beads are easy for you to use and provides a long-lasting results, eliminating unwanted hair growth and gives you silky smooth skin.