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Nail Stickers

Nail Stickers are really easy to apply and can be on the nails for up to several weeks, and nail stickers allow you to decorate your nails for everyday and party purposes, and nail stickers can also be used for costumes where you can choose Halloween nails stickers or Christmas nail stickers, and for everyday fine flowers. Nail stickers allow you to make nail art all year long, and it's quick and easy. You can make a single nail with a sticker, make silver or gold hearts, moons, stars and more on both hands and feet with one or more at a time! You can combine stickers with striping paint, rhinestones and more, for your own designs. Nail stickers 3 is available in pink, purple, silver, gold and more, so you can find a sticker that matches your look.

Nail Stickers 3 attached with glue, but look also at the Water Decail stickers are also stickers but can be applied with water, last but not least there is also the super rich Crystal stickers. A single nail sticker is probably the biggest difference between a dull nail, and an elegant! Your imagination can unfold with nail stickers! 

Combine stickers with striping paint, rhinestones and more, for your own designs !