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You can choose between 65 different types of gel for your gel nails and up to 30 different types of acrylic powders for your acrylic nails, as well as over 160 different colors of acrylic powder with and without glitter for your acrylic nails. We have more than 400 colors of gel polish on stock in both EzFlow's gel polish system and Ibd's gel polish system also called Gellak. We have a huge range of nail accessories with everything you might want when building beautiful nails. We have the best nail files with Korean and Japanese sandpaper, world known for high quality and durability on nail files. We have all nail glue systems like brush on glue, and gel brush on glue, as well as brush on glue builder resin, tip glue and nail glue. B4Beauty's huge selection of nail art gives you 36 different nail art systems, where you can make the nicest nails according to your taste. In our chrome nail system, there are 11 different chrome nails systems in the finest colors.

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Ibd's nail polish system Advanced Wear consists of approx.100 of the most popular Justgel gel polish colors, which are now also offered to all customers in nail polish, so everyone gets the opportunity to make a perfect nail polish on hands and feets easily and efficiently. With Ibd's nail polish you do not need an uv or led lamp because they work 100% like nail polish that air dryes. We have the largest selection of nails accessories for gel nails and acrylic nails at cheap prices, even though these nail products are among the best in the world.

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