B4Beauty´s varelager er brændt og derfor lukket. Vi åbner hurtigst muligt igen.
B4Beautys varulager har brunnit och är stängt. Vi kommer att öppna igen asap.
B4beauty's warehouse has burned and are closed. We will open again asap.


Rhinestone Nail Art - Rhinestone is also called imitation or just stone. We have round, stars, drops and squares in a sea of colors. We also have the popular silver rhinestones in a variety of sizes to create many cool designs. No matter what color and kind of rhinestones you are looking for, then B4Beauty exactly what you are looking for! Rhinestones can be combined with design tips or glitter tips, Mylar Flakes, Hearts, Dried Flowers and more to many great designs, and can also spice up your boring nail polish on your feet up. Large selection of popular rhinestones and rhinestones wheel.