B4Beauty´s varelager er brændt og derfor lukket. Vi åbner hurtigst muligt igen.
B4Beautys varulager har brunnit och är stängt. Vi kommer att öppna igen asap.
B4beauty's warehouse has burned and are closed. We will open again asap.

B4Beauty k/s  provides 2 years warranty under the Sale of Goods Act, covering manufacturing and material defects discovered in its normal use. The warranty does not cover defects or damages directly or indirectly caused by misuse, poor maintenance, violence or tampering. Complaints about defects that should be detected by normal examination of the goods must be notified B4Beauty k/s within a reasonable time. The product can be returned for repair, replacement or by appointment if necessary. credit. In connection with complaints, B4Beauty k / s shipping costs to a reasonable extent.

Complaints and goods tournament

By defect, or possibly. missed deliveries, please contact:

B4Beauty k/s
Industrial 3 D
4000 Roskilde
Email: info@b4beauty.dk

Goods Tournament also takes place for this address - please note that we do not receive packages sent by fax. COD. Returns can also happen by refusing to receive or deliver the goods personally with us. It is not a requirement but the expedition promoted, if full details follow the package - eg copy of order confirmation, registration number and account number of bank account to which reimbursement may be, copies of any. previous correspondence, etc..


In case of agreed discounts, returned goods or prepaid items that are canceled before shipment, there must be a full or partial refund of the purchase price. Repayment is usually always by bank transfer and B4Beauty k/s, it needs information about the registration number and account number for your bank account. This information is not sensitive, and may be disclosed at. email or other traditional correspondence.