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Wax Accessories

Wax accessories of your choice, because we have spartula in big and small, and you can choose a  peaked or round shape on your spartula under the accessories. We also have gloves of different sizes to fit your hands and last but not least, we have wax collars for your wax heater so do not waste time on cleaning. Wax accessories are important so that you can protect your hands when you wax. In accessories you will also find perfect edged spartula so you can use intimate wax and eyebrows exactly with the angled that ensures that the wax is applied exactly so the result will be perfect. We also have Sure Clean, which effectively removes wax from all wax heaters and other wax surfaces. Sure Clean is an effective cleaning agent that you can not do without when working with wax, either professionally or privately.

Order before pm. 14.30 on weekdays, to reach off the same day!


ALT in wax accessories - Sure Clean removes ALT wax on the wax heater !