Acrylic Powder White

We have a category of white acrylic colors, so you quickly can find the white acrylic color you are looking for for your artificial nails. White acrylic is available in several shades, and in the white category you will find the acrylic you are looking for quickly. The white shades here in the white category helps you find your acrylic color. EzFlow's quality is world-class because they have won the 6 World Cup in acrylic nails, so durability is top class and the acrylics are easy to work with. The white acrylic makes it easy for you to make French manicures so you get the beautiful white edge on your acrylic nails. Artificial acrylic nails with a French edge are elegant and beautiful all year round.

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White Acrylic Powder  ➵ Both singlecolored and with glitter | EzFlow