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Acrylic Activator

We offer you the largest selection of activators that cures your acrylic, silk and fiberglass in a few seconds, and we offer you 5 different fragrances, making it a pleasure. The activator is super efficient, so only the dust is enough. That's why the activator is very cheap and useful. Activator is a fluid form that you spay on the acrylic nails when they are finished and you want to cure them to make them hard, so it will be possible to file the desired shape on the acrylic nail. Activator is also used when building silk and fiberglass nails. The advantage of B4Beauty's activator is that you can put your favorite fragrance into your shopping cart and that it does not contain the powerful substance heptane. There are several different brands to choose from since we have EzFlow's activator, which is being used worldwide by professional nail technicians.

Activator for your acrylic nails - In many fragrance variants !