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Sugar Wax

Sugar wax – is used as wax hair removal when you want to remove unwanted hair growth and the sugar wax is so gentle to the skin that it can be used up to three times in the same area, making it perfect for all skin types. Sugar wax hair removal is a mild wax type that removes unwanted hair growth, and the advantage of sugar wax is that you pull the unwanted hair growth off with wax strips with the hair's direction of growth, making the hair waxing less uncomfortable than normal wax types where the hair is pulled off toward the hairs direction of growth. Sugar wax consists of sugar, water and lemon, and therefore it is easy and clean the skin after waxing, as a cloth with lukewarm water takes the sticky surface off your skin and no chemicals are used. You can choose to use sugar wax in the roll on the method, or hot wax, both heated in a wax heater, and wiped with wax strips. It's quick and easy to use sugar wax and we have cheap home waxing kit along with a detailed user guide.  

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Sugar wax has been used by women since the 18th century, but it's first on the market now, so you can buy sugar wax in cartridges and cans, because women have made it home with sugar, lemon and water. The advantage of sugar wax is that it makes less pain than normal wax, as hair is removed with the hair's direction of growth, where all other growth types are drawn against the hair's growth direction.

Try Sugar Wax - 100% Natural Wax !