Gel Polish · EzFlow

EzFlow's gel polish gives you 200 beautiful colors to choose between, you'll find both single-colored gel polish and gellak with glitter, which can be laid on natural nails, acrylic and gel nails. Ezflow gel polish has come on the market to compete with nail polish, since gellak gives more strength on the nails than nail polish does, however, you can not build an artificial nail in gellak. You can mix EzFlow bond and base with gellak colors from IBD and vice versa, as these two brands have the same owner. You easily remove the polish with EzFlow True gel remover, which removes gel polish on only 10 minutes.

EzFlow's TruGel can be used on all artificial nails, and on natural nails where you can decorate your nails with rhinestones or other nail art, so you get the look you're looking for. To make it easy for you to choose color on your gel polish, we have divided the colors into color categories.

Over 200 beautyful colors from EzFlow !