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Ardell · Individual Flare Lashes

Ardell Flare™ Ardell Duralash Flare Individuals eyelashes are artificial eyelashes for eyelash extensions that you can easily apply and they are very natural lookng because they are without knots, so the duralash flare individuals blends naturally with your own eyelashes, and eyelash extensions with duralash flare individuals can last up to 6 weeks depending on which eyelash glue you use. You can choose from regular Duralash Flare Individuals that are very natural with 10 synthetic eyelashes assembled in each cluster and double eyelash bouquets that have approx. 20 synthetic eyelashes in each cluster, or mega eyelash bouquets with 24 synthetic eyelashes in each cluster depending on the volume you want. In all the packages there are 56 eyelash clusters in, and you can choose small, medium or large in length.

Order before pm. 14.30 on weekdays, to reach off the same day!

The Duralash Flare Individuals have a beautiful curve and are cross-woven, giving you fuller eyelashes quickly, easily and efficiently. Ardell single lashes are also Duralash Flare Individuals in small eyelash clusters with 3-4 synthetic eyelashes glued together, so they resemble single lashes that naturally mixed with your own eyelashes and gives more volume. Single lashes are available in size medium which is approx. 10 mm. long and small which is approx. 8 mm. long and there are 88 single lashes in each Duralash Flare Individuals package. The durability of single lashes is up to 6 weeks depending on which eyelash glue you use. They are so comfortable to wear that you completely forget that they are artificial eyelashes.

Ardell Flare Lashes™ Eyelash Extension in World Class | B4BEAUTY