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Nail Start Kit

Starter Kit for Artificial Nails - Starter Kit for acrylic nails, gel gels, fiberglass nails, silk nails and gel polish starter set in the highest quality and in 50 different variants. B4Beauty's wide range of professional nail products from top manufacturers gives both professional nail technicians and beginners a great opportunity to get artificial nails starter kit, where durability and quality are ensured so that everyone gets the nicest artificial nails. We offer starter packages for private individuals. and nail clinics, and everyone gets a user guide so everyone is successful with their new artificial nails. We have both small and big starter packages, so everyone can get the starter packages they want. We have 50 variants of starter packages, so you can choose the nail tips, lights and nail systems you want, and tailor your own starter kit to get great artificial nails. We offer all personal customer service and advice per. phone and e-mail so everyone who buys their starter packages with us will be successful with their artificial nail starter packages.

Order before pm. 14.30 on weekdays, to reach off the same day!