Wax Kit

We have Wax Kits for you with wax cartridges and cans of wax so you can remove hair professionally at home. We have hair removal packages for the whole body, face, intimate wax, bikini lines and wax under the arms. We have a hair removal kit with wax, where you use strips and without strips.



All Wax Kits are for beginners and therefore there is a detailed user guide. You can choose hair removal kit in both wax with strips and without strips, and we also have sugar wax hair wax kits and hair removal cream kits. We offer you cheap starter packages in many varieties, and all waxes are professional products you can buy for home use. Depilflax has been leading Europe for 40 years and GiGi wax products and lotions have been the leading cosmetologists in the United States for the past 40 years.

Wax Kit - Large selection of cheap and professional!