Mink Single Lashes

Mink Lashes for eyelash extensionare single lashes that are soft, lightweight and have a natural look and these individual mink lashes are synthetic as real mink curves is changing in rain and moisture outdoors. If you have not tried singel lashes, you can buy Mix lashes, which is 7 mm. long to 16 mm. in a package to find out what size you need. Mink eyelash extensions bends differently C Curves bend the most, B curve is a classic curve and the J curve bends at the end of the lash and therefore it fits all with heavy eyelids so the lashes do not touch the eyelids. We have thicknesses on the lashes from 0.15 mm. up to 0.30 mm., and you can choose mink lashes in the length of 7 mm. up to 16 mm. lengthwise. 


If you do not know what you need, we recommend that you buy Mix Mink lashes. where they come in the package of size 7 mm. to 16 mm. in the length in one package.

Mink lashes in many curves and lengths for eyelash extensions !