Nail Polish

Ibd Advanced Wear nail polish series consists of approx. 100 of the most popular Ibd gel polish colors only in nail polish, giving you top quality of hands and feet.


Everyone can put a nice nail polish with Ibd's Advanced Wear easily and efficiently. You do not need a UV or LED lamp, because they work 100% like nail polishes that air dryes. First, with a base coat that secures the staple of your nails and protects your nails from discoloration. So nail polish paint that is put in two layers, after which you can finish with the top coat, which gives the nail polishes a super nice and durable shine. Ibd's is the largest brand in gel nails in the United States, and finally their nail polish series, which is constantly updated according to the fashion's nail polish, so you can always find beautiful nail polishes that fit your clothes. If you do not want nail polish on your nails, you can easily use a liquid tape on the nails first, which is easily detachable again, which prevents nail varnish from the nail bands. All nail lacquers can be easily removed with nail polish remover, and if you do not have time to wait for it to dry, you can use nail polish dry spray that dries the nail polish in record time.

Ibd's New Nail Polish - A nail polish with incredible strength and durability !